Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation Inc.

The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation was formally established as a non-profit organisation with a constitution and membership on 29th January, 1995, having operated informally for some 4 years. It was incorporated as an Association on 5th January, 2001 (Registered No. A0040624W).

The object of the Foundation is to be an educational organisation for the advancement and development of spiritual awareness.

1. Providing educational and psychic development and training services for members desiring to progress

    a) their conscious understanding of the survival of their greater selves and,

    b) their sensitive capacities as psychics and mediums for spiritualistic communication.

2. Providing information and evidence of survival and spirit/psychic healing services to earnest enquirers and to the public at large, either directly or via the Spiritual Kinship Society Trust.

Garth and/or Audrey are also members of, or are very closely associated with, the following organisations:

The Psypioneer Journal – which is hosted on this website; and for which Garth is the proof reader and archivist, and occasional contributor of articles and information from his library resources.

The Society for Psychical Research – the SPR, based in London, is recognised as the leading scientific body (since 1882) for the research and investigation of paranormal phenomena.

The Scientific and Medical Network – a European based organisation, the SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity for exploring and advancing the interactive disciplines of science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality.

The Spiritualists' National Union, UK – the WSF was an Associated Body of the SNU for some 15 years, and Garth Willey was one of SNU’s Diploma holders and a correspondence tutor appointed by their Education Committee. We still have links but relinquished membership around 2010. See also The Arthur Findlay College.

The National Spiritualist Association of Churches, USA – Audrey and Garth have each twice visited the Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp, HQ of the NSAC, and were substantial contributors to the restoration of the Fox Cottage at Hydesville, Rochester, NYK state. See also http://www.lilydaleassembly.com/ ; http://gotsc.org/HydesvilleMemorialPark.htm

The International Spiritualists’ Federation - an organisation for the unification of spiritualist, Spiritist, and related associations in all parts of the world; and for the advancement, by means of education and communication, of the science and philosophy of spiritualism. Garth was Editor of the ISF’s Yours Fraternally quarterly magazine in 2003-2004 and was Vice President in 2006-2008.  

The College of Psychic Studies - a London based educational charity, publisher of the LIGHT journal.

The Lynwood Fellowship - a UK registered charity for spiritual and metaphysical studies and education – founded by Don Galloway (who passed over in 2009)   

The Arthur Conan Doyle Society - a Canadian based literary society. The website is available but activities are currently in recess.

The Noah's Ark Society - Garth & Audrey were the Australian reps and regular presenters for the NAS, a worldwide educational society for the promotion, development and safe practice of physical mediumship. The NAS was wound up in 2004.

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Woodlands Sanctuary is the private property of Garth and Audrey Willey, bought back in 1977 'on impulse.' The property is 16 hectares (220 metres frontage by 725 metres depth) in an area classified as "Rural Conservation."

It has been registered with the Victorian DNRE "Land for Wildlife" scheme since 1992 and the bush areas are the habitat of many flora and fauna species. Wombats, wallabies and echidnas are common - as are rabbits, foxes and bull ants! And less frequently spied creatures are goannas, kangaroos, koala bears, fallow deer, snakes, scorpions and the like.

Bird life abounds, attracted by the native vegetation; and favourites are the kookaburras, wedge-tailed eagles, robins and wrens visiting in wintertime, and the periodic migration of gang-gang cockatoos.

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