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Calendar 2015


The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation’s activities are set in an environment of peace and tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbia, on 16 hectares of farm and bushland.  These are ideal surroundings in which we, and our mentors in the world of spirit, may replicate the teachings of yester-year in the classical era of Spiritualism when the standards of mediumship frequently attained heights very seldom witnessed in this day and age of rapidly changing conditions with electronic communications and entertainment and attendant intrusions upon our serenity and demands upon our time.  The old methods of teaching are still known and it is up to us diligently and dedicatedly apply them in seeking to help students attain the highest possible levels of mediumship and understanding.

 The Doylean Centre, so named after leading Spiritualist (and creator of Sherlock Holmes) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, contains a central room large enough to comfortably seat over 60 people; as well as having a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and two work rooms/offices.

Heritage House is adjacent to the Doylean Centre and has accommodation consisting of 4 separate bedrooms with 4 single beds and 2 double bunks – capacity to sleep 8 people.  In addition, there is accommodation at the WS homesteadfor 5 people (2 twin and 1 singleguest bedrooms).


Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation Inc.

Evening Classes

 DEVELOPMENT CIRCLES: 7:30pm – 9:30pm 

Monday nights – Physical & Trance Mediumship

Wednesday nights – Mental Mediumship

Classes are $15 per session, payable up front on the first night of each Term

(no exceptions – since continuity and a harmonious atmosphere are essential to development)

Payment Schedule

First Term

Mondays: 2ndFebruary to6thApril(10 weeks): *Trumpet work *Table * Deep trance

Wednesdays:4th Feb to 8th April (10 weeks): *Intuition *Psychic ability *Inspired speaking

The Foundation’s AGM will be held at 9:30pm on Wednesday 20th March

following the Development Class.



Second Term

Mondays: 11th May to 29th June (8 weeks): * Advanced

Wednesdays: 13th May to 1st July(8 weeks): *Spirit communication *Helpers & Guides

  and *Who they are




Third Term

 Mondays, 13th July to 14th Sept, (10 weeks): *Advanced  *Practice on one to one level

 Wednesdays: 15th July to 16th Sept (10 weeks): *Holding the link *Inspired speaking




Fourth Term

 Mondays, 5th October to 30th November(9 weeks): *Running your own physical circle

 Wednesdays, 7th October to 2nd December (9 weeks):  *Giving a reading *Holding the link

 *Altered states



Monday 7th December is our annual Christmas Candle Lighting Service

Guests by invitation; and Raffle to support the Salvo’s Xmas Appeal


Students a plate;

Guests $15



For more detailed information and for bookings, unless otherwise noted,
please phone Audrey or Garth Willey at Woodlands Sanctuary (03) 5964 9432
or email to

Note:  Private weekend retreats are available by request (a minimum of 8 attendees required).

Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation Inc.

Workshops & Weekend Programmes


·         A deposit of 20% is required upon registration for all Weekend Programmes.

·         Full payment is required no later than two weeks before the weekend unless other arrangements have been agreed.

·         No refunds will be given for cancellations that are made less than two weeks prior to a Weekend Programme, although the amount paid may be fully transferred to another workshop by agreement in unforeseen circumstances.

·         Accommodation in the main house is a premium of $25 per night over Heritage House.








Sunday 12th 11am

Working bee


Saturday 25th

10am to 4:30pm


How to use and work with: Part I


(lunch included)




Saturday 15th

1pmto 5pm

Spiritual Kinship Soc. OPEN DAY

Healings, Readings, Meditations

& a talk/discussion session

Free admission to “kindred spirits”

·         See prgm below

Saturday 29th

10am to 4:30pm


How to use and work with: Part II


(lunch included)




Fri-Sun 18th to 20th

4pm to 4pm



Preparatory work to new Mentor Training Course which starts in March 2016


Residential: Heritage $375

Main House $425

Non residential: $300

Sunday 27th

1pm to5pm

Spiritual Kinship Soc. OPEN DAY

Healings, Readings, Meditations

& a talk/discussion session

Free admission to “kindred spirits”

·         See prgm below




Sunday 29th 11am

Working bee





Monday 7th

7 for 7:30pm


(and Bring a Prize Raffle for the Salvo’s Christmas Appeal)

Students a plate;

Guests $15



·         SKS Open Days

1:30pm:     Welcoming address plus talk and discussion time –up to half hour.

2:30pm:     Healing meditation - 20 minutes

3:30pm:     Healing meditation with Singing Bowls - 20 minutes

Healings – Reiki and Spiritual available through the afternoon: suggested donation $10

Readings: $25 for 20 minutes with mediums

Tea or coffee plus cake, scone or sandwich: $5


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