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Sanctuary News

Volume 19, Number 2 – 7th August, 2014


Dear Members, e-Subscribers and other Kindred Spirits,

Greetings to all… and you’ll probably be thinking “What’s up?  Why is there a need for a midyear edition of Sanctuary News?  I may not be a medium but I’m a good mentalist! 

Well, the headline news is:


Spiritualist Rendezvous 2015

23rd to 30th April at Tauhara Retreat and Conference Centre, Lake Taupo, NZ


Yes, in an endeavour to make it a lot more exciting experience and a truly international event - with participation from more than one Kiwi (Wendy Hoy being a regular) and expectantly a few from USA, we’ve booked Tauhara, central North Island, NZ.  And we have 10 confirmed starters already before “putting it out there.”  Total capacity is about 70 but we reckon about 30 will be our limit for comfortable accommodation purposes. See http://tauharacentre.org.nz/  So, if you would like to join us, you need to enrol soon.


Audrey, and another WSF member at the time, attended an Eileen Roberts residential week at Tauhara way back in 1996 – and it was certainly a pleasant and memorable event for them.  We understand that Tauhara has undergone significant improvements since then; and Audrey and I will be in NZ in October so we’ll go and inspect their facilities to check the layout, workshop rooms, accommodation facilities, etc. while we’re there. 


We’ve established a new website specifically for the event – www.spiritualistrendezvous.com .  The basic programme is there as well as rates and reservation procedures, info about tutors and guidance to getting to Taupo. Please take a look, and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. It will be a great event… and a chance to do a little sightseeing in NZ while you’re over there!


Lee Van Zyl from New Jersey, who was very well received as a guest tutor here at Rendezvous in 2013, will be part of our tutorial team.  Lee initiated setting up the website – and expects to bring a few of her students and associates with her.  Her contribution to the programme will focus on hypnosis: its application to psychic matters, development of the mind, health, etc. She is a certified hypnotist and an excellent presenter.   


Just taking this opportunity to give an update on our 2014 activities, weekly development groups are now into Term 3 and successful workshops having run according to the year’s programme – see www.woodlandway.org /2014 Calendar.  Our AGM was held on 17th March and I have to report that Robert Gwynne retired as Secretary and was replaced by Audrey taking the position in the interim.  Robert has been a stalwart member and supporter of the Foundation for many years – and it was unanimously voted that he, and wife Josephine, be made Honorary Members, joining the existing 5 with this status – Eileen Edwards, Alice Hardwick, Elizabeth Jensen, Joanne King, and Mollie Wilde.  Mollie, by the way, turned 99yo on 6th April – and we very much look forward to seeing her get the customary letter next April from that ‘little bit younger’ lady at Buckingham Palace! 


And more hot off the press news: last Monday the WSF and Audrey signed up with Facebook (with help from Wayne Parkin): check it out if you are also registered there. She’ll be delighted!

Cheers for now,

Garth (and Audrey) Willey




Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation INC.



Telephone: 61+3+5964 9432

Email: woodway@bigpond.net.au

The Doylean Centre
Woodlands Sanctuary
3 Woodland Way
GRUYERE   VIC   3770

Sanctuary News

Volume 19, Number 1 – 20th January, 2014


Dear Members, e-Subscribers and other Kindred Spirits,

New Year’s greetings to all – may it be a year of peace and progress for mankind at large and for each and every one of us… the effects of climate change and troublesome times notwithstanding.

2013 was a year of solid progression for the Foundation, the catalyst perhaps being Audrey and my statements over the previous couple of years that we wished to wind down a bit in our ‘ageing years’! This may have provoked the spirit world, as well as some of our key members, to determine ‘no way, Hose’ – and so those key members took on teaching roles under Audrey’s guidance, whilst others provided vital support in keeping the Doylean Centre clean and in organising and running DIY catering and housekeeping for some of the activities.

In particular, the DIY ‘Souljourn’ weekends for students (pre and post the school year) have been a great success and a lot of fun: Not quite like Schoolies Week at the Gold Coast, but hilarious at times and, during session times, the opportunity for students to showcase some of their esoteric and psychic knowledge and skills outside of straight mediumship.

A second weekly development circle night was launched for newcomers, and maintained the numbers to continue throughout the year.  So Monday night is for advanced students and Wednesday night is for the up-and-coming fledglings – who are responding well and showing excellent potential, Audrey reports. 

For 2014, we are offering a daytime class start up; enrolments are open but subject to a minimum of 6 participants. The full 2014 Calendar is available on our website www.woodlandway.org – where any updates will be posted (enclosed for members not online).

The Xmas Candle Lighting night was a great success, once again.  Loads of prizes were donated for the raffle, along with a very fine lady’s scarf for auctioning; and $662 was raised for the Salvos Xmas Appeal – upped by $338 by the Foundation to $1,000.

 Quite a lot of work was done on the gardens during the year. A revamp of the garden bed area between Heritage House and the woodshed was undertaken; and roses and flowers planted, only to be eaten by rabbits, possums or wallabies – but now replanted after a netting fence was installed around it.  Also two water fountains/features were purchased and installed and some garden furniture was donated; and a beautiful dining table and 6 chairs was donated by a non-member friend, replacing the big round table inside the Centre.

Despite increased garden and maintenance expenditure, the increased level of activity generated a very good surplus for the year.  The AGM is scheduled for Monday 17th March, 2014 following the evening’s Development Class (to ensure a quorum) and Notice of Meeting will be attached hereto for all Foundation Members along with a subscription renewal form [@ $20 p.a. for individual and family membership at the same address].  Should any e-subscriber non-member wish to join, there is a Joining fee of $10. Membership is a prerequisite for participation in any of the Development Class activities and attendant periodic low cost (or free) evenings/afternoons, and entitles the Member to borrow from the Foundation’s libraries.

Thanks to all the active members and Committee who have contributed so well in 2013, and we look forward to an even better year in 2014… spirit helpers and ‘manipulators’ willing!


Best wishes to you all, Garth and Audrey Willey 

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