Spiritual Kinship Society Trust

The Spiritual Kinship Society Trust (SKS) has been set up as a 'friendship' organisation with the following Mission:

"To promote a way of life, here on earth,
based upon knowledge that continuous existence of that life,
after the death of the physical body,
is a fact of Nature."

The SKS's objective as a non-profit service organisation of the spiritualist movement is:

        To foster the development of society's understanding -
  • of the spiritual nature of the human soul and of the spiritual link between all forms of life; that is, that all life, indeed all that IS, is an expression of a divine creative power;
  • that divine revelation is continuous; and
  • that spiritual progression, the eternal path, trodden down the ages by mystics and saints of every religious faith, is only attainable through a foundation of unconditional love.
And the SKS's plans to achieve this objective are:

        To establish "friendship centres" and other forums for the provision to the public of:

  • comfort to those facing death and/or dealing with bereavement;
    spiritual healing;
  • spiritual and psychic advice;
  • guidance as to the need for goodwill, tolerance and respect towards and for
    our kindred human beings,
  • humanity as a whole,
  • all other forms of life,
  • and for our environment;
  • evidence, not only of survival of the individual human soul, but of the ability of our kindred discarnate spirits to intelligently communicate through the veil which separates our vibratory states of existence and their capacity to provide help and guidance to us - or to mischievously interfere - in our earthly affairs.
Membership of the Spiritual Kinship Society is free! You are a member of the human species by dint of your DNA and a member of society by dint of your birth; and you can be a member of this Society simply by dint of attitude! However, you need to contact us and provide us with an address if you wish to be on our circulation list (privacy assured)
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Click here to view and print the SKS Membership form.

SKS Healing Camps

Weekend Healing Camps will be held at the Doylean Centre one weekend per quarter if there are 6 or more starters who can agree on available dates. These weekends begin 10:00am Saturday mornings and conclude 4:30pm Sunday - for a basic cost of $100, inclusive of all meals but BYO linen and towel.

These Camps will focus attention on Spiritual Healing of various modalities, including experimentation with "battery" and "absent" healing. The development of either psychic or spirit healing requires practice, practice and more practice to enable the healing powers to function through the healer/medium and the camps will provide plenty of opportunity for this.

Anyone wishing to receive healing at these Camps may make an appointment to attend (on a no charge or voluntary donation basis) on either the Saturday or Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4pm. Alternatively, they may book in as a full participant and enjoy a relaxing, healing weekend!



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