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The Movietone Newsreel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
In October, 1928 one of the first Movietone Newsreels ever made featured Sir Arthur Conan Doyle speaking on his writing of the Sherlock Holmes stories and of his firm belief in Spiritualism.  It was recorded in the rose gardens of his Sussex home, Windlesham, by William Fox for the Fox-Case Movietone and the Fox Film Corp. 

The clip was released for viewing in America in May, 1929 and Sir Arthur's presentation was said, in a New York Times review, to be superior to that of George Bernard Shaw and the King of Spain's interviews because of the easy flow of Sir Arthur's words.  A second release was made after ACD's death in 1930, and another version was reissued in 1974 by Blackhawk Films. Woodlands Sanctuary is pleased to be able to bring to you the original 1929 version.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is our Patron-in-Spirit and our Doylean Centre has been named in his honour.

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