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How To Maintain Proper Dental Care and Stay Away From The Dentist

You may not want to hear this, but unfortunately, your teeth may eventually become troublesome. Most people do not think of their teeth as being living things but in reality, they are because they contain live tissues and nerves.

Inside our mouths, we will find a breeding ground for both good and bad bacteria. All of these types of bacteria are continually active and therefore it is no wonder that a person may eventually have a dental issue.

Your teeth are under constant strain by means of grinding, chewing, biting, talking, and aging. To maintain your teeth in a healthy and strong condition you will need to provide them with some constant tender loving care. At least twice a day you should be flossing and brushing. Every six months you should have a regular checkup at your local dental clinic. It is also important to eat healthy so that plaque does not gain a victory over your teeth. Try to avoid certain breakfast cereals, sweets, and drinks that are heavily loaded with sugar.

Unfortunately, even if you do all of the above procedures so as to protect your teeth there are times when problems will likely occur. It is therefore important to identify these underlying dental issues and know how to solve them. A dentist can do this by checking, repairing and filling in any cavities before they cause additional issues. However, the responsibility lies with you and therefore it is critical to respond to any dental issues efficiently and quickly.

The number one most common problem with teeth is tooth decay. Tooth decay may also be referred to as having a cavity. A cavity occurs when harmful bacteria that is in plaque is allowed to settle on your teeth. This will produce a mild acid that will over time slowly eat away at the tooth enamel and eventually form cavity holes. This particular type of harmful bacteria is extremely prevalent after eating starches and sugars and therefore it is important to limit both of these items as you eat a healthy diet.

The best way to deal with plaque is to prevent it from settling onto your teeth. Once you have a cavity it will be impossible to reverse this type of decay. The only option that you will have is to have the cavity filled and repaired. Once again, you are responsible for the health of your teeth. Your responsibility includes flossing and brushing regularly, visiting your dentist for routine dental exams, and avoiding sugary foods.

Another problem that many dentists deal with is gum disease. Gum disease, or periodontitis, is an infection that occurs when there is an accumulation of harmful plaque in the mouth. Bacteria will eat away at the ligaments and gum tissues that are necessary to hold the teeth properly in place. There are 5 stages of gum disease which mean that most patients who suffer from this dental condition will have time to reverse its progress.

In the early stage of mild periodontitis or gingivitis, the destructive symptoms are possible to reverse by getting immediate treatment and incorporating good dental care. However, once periodontitis progresses to the 3rd and 4th stage, it will become very difficult to treat. Anyone can develop gum disease and there are many dentists who believe that over 50% of adults have some type of infection or gum disease.

The third problem that may occur is root infection. Root infection occurs when the root of a tooth becomes filled up with bacteria and causes it to become infected. Root infection will damage the pulp and nerves inside the tooth. A deep crack, cavity, or fracture can lead to this type of infection. In severe root infections, you may develop a painful abscess. When you quickly deal with a cracked or painful tooth an abscess will probably not occur.

The mouth is just like any other part of your body. It requires care and maintenance so that you do not have future health issues. It is important to be vigilant when dealing with dental cleanings and visits. Your dentist will be able to fix and repair most dental issues but the ball will be in your court when it comes to maintaining good dental health.